Testimonials, Debcore Inc


“Deb Patulak was a godsend. She and her Debcor service took care of my mother around the clock during her last months. A combination of Deb's professional nursing expertise and the reliability of her well-trained home health aides, took the burden of my mother's care off of my shoulders. Always cheerful and practical, Deb was always available to answer questions and solve problems. She saw to it that my strong-minded mother was provided with caregivers who were compatible with her needs. I have recommended Debcor many times to others who needed home care, both short and long-term. Deb has always come through with flying colors.”

-Marietta Pritchard, Amherst


“I have known Deborah Patulak RN, of Debcor Homecare for over 10 years. Her skills and kindness have allowed my patients to remain at home. Deb and her staff take care of my beloved patients at home, the way I would.”

-Marianna Margulio M.D, Amherst


"I have relied on Debcor Homecare for services to smooth my recovery from two major medical procedures. I am deeply grateful for the excellent care Debcor provided. Deborah Patulak made a comprehensive and insightful assessment of my medical and household situation, so that she could set up a schedule of services and provide me with home care aides who had the experience and skills necessary to meet my specific needs. I have been favorably impressed by the Debcor home care aides. They are well trained, professional care givers whose warmth and cheerfulness of spirit provide comforting support and encourage a positive attitude. I recommend Debcor Homecare services very highly and without reservation.

-Rose Olver, Amherst


“My experience with Debcor was outstanding. They came to my rescue with very short notice and were quite accommodating right from the start. When the care for my mother advanced, the two wonderful women who stayed with her from Debcor exceeded my expectations. The transition was graceful and painless on my mother and the rest of my family. I would highly recommend their services. Deb is a great, caring lady who runs her business efficiently with the needs of her staff and patient's families in mind at all times.”

- Jeanette DuBois-Sector, Hadley


“Debcor has made sure our parents are well taken care of, including when they are hospitalized and in their assisted living/nursing care facility. Debcor has a caring staff who are responsible and well-trained. Debcor keeps us informed about our parents' health and well-being, since we live far away. Our family highly recommends Debcor.”

- The Elkins Family, Kansas, NJ, NY, Massachusetts


“During my mother's last few years, Debcor provided her (and me) with invaluable services delivered with the utmost care and consideration. My mother, Inga Tocher, who died at the age of 99, loved to be with young people. Our specific request to Deb Patulak was for nursing students to provide both personal care and friendship on a daily basis. During our intake meeting, it didn't take long for Deb to understand my mother, her needs and how Debcor could help. Scheduling help was consistently a smooth and easy process, and when emergencies came up, Deb was always ready with possible solutions. The nursing students loved Inga, and Inga loved them. My family will be forever grateful.”

- Wendy Kohler, Amherst