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Founded in 2000, Debcor Homecare is a locally-owned business serving Amherst and the surrounding areas. Debcor has an excellent track record of providing high quality, affordable care.

Services can be scheduled for as little as 2 hours, or up to 24-hours a day. Also, there is a Debcor nurse on call 24-hours a day to handle after-hour inquiries.

Studies have indicated that social isolation can do harm to one's health. Isolation can take over environments that were once lively with children, pets, friends and neighbors. This may lead to the “low spirit” that some people feel as they age. Focused on promoting physical and mental health, research shows that living at home is often the best option for those with chronic illness or disability.

Debcor Service Providers include: Nurses, Homecare Aides, Companions and Transportation Assistance.

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• Personal Care: bathing, dressing, provide assistance as needed

• Assist with mobility

• Help with exercises or go on walks

• Meal preparation and planning

• Medication reminders

• Manage incontinence issues

• Light housekeeping including mopping, dusting and laundry

• Companionship: stimulate mental awareness – Activities are based on the individual's interests. For example, discussing current events, playing games, cards and going on outings

• Errands, shopping and transportation to appointments

• Special projects: help organize closets, assist with letter-writing, correspondence, and other designated activities

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Our Debcor Registered Nurses (RN) are experienced professionals, focused on helping individuals maintain optimum health and well-being. Our nurses provide health care, care plan development, medication management, communication and assessments to help avoid hospitalization.

Often our nurses are asked to help with medication management, filling a medication refill container and watching for signs of health problems. The Debcor RN will perform evaluations to monitor blood pressure, swelling/edema, respiratory problems, pain, mental status changes and assess for medication side effects.

Our Debcor nurse can also help manage pain, change wound dressings, provide health education about new medications and treatments and act as a liaison for families at a distance. The RN collaborates with other members of the health care team, and attends MD visits upon request. Our Debcor home care aides are supervised by an RN, maintaining the high quality standards that Debcor is known for. Our Debcor nurses provide on-call coverage around the clock, 7 days a week, responding to inquiries and providing support for our clients and staff.

A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) provides professional expertise, extensive information and compassionate support, which aid in the quality of life for the individual.

The GCM can help untangle the complexities of the health care system. Our goal at Debcor is to assist individuals and their families as they make decisions about care needs and health care issues. The GCM helps the client remain safely living at home with a recommended service plan that is cost-effective.

At times the challenges of home health care can become overwhelming. The benefit of a GCM is that you have a professional advocate who can provide comfort and support to help you during trying times. The GCM can assist with communication between medical providers and family members. They can act as a liaison to families in or out of town, and provide strategies for clients who have Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

When you request Geriatric Care Management, our Debcor GCM completes a professional assessment, evaluates the needs of the client, provides options, and arranges home care services and/or equipment.

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