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How do I choose a home health agency?
The National Association for Home Care and Hospice, the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts and the Mass Council for Home Care Aide Services, recommend asking the following questions when choosing a home health agency:

How long has the agency been in business providing home care?
Debcor has been doing business for over 12 years.

How does the agency screen and train their employees?
Debcor performs a CORI background check, a reference check, and provides orientation and training by an RN for all staff.

Are the staff bonded?
Yes, all Debcor staff are bonded.

Will the agency provide references?
Yes, Debcor has a list of previous customers who are willing to speak to you about their experiences. Also, check out our testimonials page.

Does the agency assign a supervisor to oversee the quality of care patients receive in their home?
Yes, Debcor assigns an RN to supervise all care that is provided in the home.

If you are dissatisfied with a caregiver will the agency send someone else?
Yes, if you are dissatisfied with a caregiver, Debcor will be happy to make a different assignment, that will be a better fit for you.

Does the agency provide a written plan of care that explains the services to be performed, the days it will provide care and the fees to be charged?
Yes, the Debcor RN will develop the plan of care and create a service agreement that determines the fees that will be charged. Our office staff will create a schedule for you , tailored to your needs.

Communication: is there a system in place for the home health care staff to talk with the client's family and physician?
At Debcor we pride ourselves on our excellent communication systems. Often clients and families want to be kept in the loop with what decisions are being made. At Debcor we ensure that information is communicated locally, as well as long distance, always respecting privacy as requested.

Why do I need a Home Care Agency rather than hiring someone privately on my own?
Supervision, scheduling, and training are important aspects of the function of a home care agency. Debcor Homecare completes criminal background checks (CORI checks), which can give you peace of mind knowing that the person working with your loved one has been safely screened.

Debcor Homecare takes the worry out of hiring, supervising and scheduling. We guarantee our staffing, and Debcor is responsible for managing and supervising the caregivers we send to you. Debcor Homecare pays for Workers Compensation/liability insurance, bonding, and all the employers taxes too.

How do I get started with Debcor Homecare?
Contact us today! We can answer your questions. Set up a meeting and a nurse will come to your home, provide information, develop a plan of care, and set up services, if you desire to do so.

call us today.